Secret Santa Glamourbox Unboxing

Fresh out from the parcel

Fresh out from the parcel

Hi everyone! For my first official great find I would like to share to you my very first unboxing experience. You see subscription box has been around for a long time but it is just recently that I had joined the bandwagon after reading a lot of blogs from other people most specially MUE (Make-up Enthusiast) like me. The fact that you get to open a box and be surprised in what you are getting is enough for me to be encouraged to get one of these babies. It’s like opening a gift on Christmas day even if it’s not really Christmas day. And what good way to start joining but to order the Secret Santa box of Glamourbox for this December (a christmas gift for myself). So enough of these blah blah and lets start unboxing.

I received my very first subscription box courtesy of Glamourbox last Wednesday after I get back from my divisoria (The value shopping capital of the Philippines) adventure. I love how Glamourbox make sure that the package is very much secured. The main box is covered with transparent plastic and contained in another box before it was put in the parcel plastic bag (too bad I haven’t taken a picture of it).

Look how elegant and sturdy this curated box.

Look how elegant and sturdy this curated box.

How elegantly looking the contents are, wrapped in a special peach paper

How elegantly looking the contents are, wrapped in a special peach paper

I opened my box like a little girl all grinning as I see the contents all covered in a special peach paper (don’t know if it’s a parchment paper of what). It looks so elegant it gives me an idea with how I would like my future church wedding giveaways should look like.

 Now for the much awaited unveiling. The first that will great you upon detaching the GB sticker is their welcome card. It contains the theme of the box and a message from the Glamourbox team. How festive this card is, do you feel the spirit of christmas?

How elegantly looking the contents are, wrapped in a special peach paper

How elegantly looking the contents are, wrapped in a special peach paper



At the back of the card are the descriptions of the products included in the box. It gives us information so we know what to expect with each product and how much the full size of each of these in case that we really like the product and decided to buy it.



First in the list is the Holika Holika Face 2 Change CC Cream. It comes in a small sample tube. I haven’t tried any CC Cream yet but according to other bloggers its much better than BB Cream because of its color adapting characteristics unlike BB creams that tends to be mostly in pink undertone and makes some look ashy. I was given a sample size of 5 ml worth Php 20.


Holika Holika Pure Mellow Multi-Puff
Next is the Holika Holika Pure Mellow Multi-Puff. This multi-colored sponge will remind you of  marshmallows. This can be used for applying cream-type products like foundation, bb creams, cc creams, cream blushes and the likes. I got a full size worth Php 265.Holika Holika Pure Mellow Multi-Puff

Holika Holika Pure Mellow Multi-Puff Holika Holika Pure Mellow Multi-Puff

My most favorite of all is this full size eau de toilette from Avon. The Avon Fragrance in Only Imagine smells like a floral bouquet. I first saw it in one of Avon’s brochure and instantly fell in love with it. I said to myself I gotta have this perfume, I’m so glad they include it in this box. A 50 ml bottle cost Php 1500. This is my everyday perfume since I got it. Smells so heavenly even my husband love it.

The Cream Factory Bath Cream

Another one of my favorite is The Cream Factory Bath Creams. I got their goat’s milk and acai berry variant. It reminds me of my ultimate favorite berry froyo. I haven’t use any bath creams. I guess I have to make a review with this one in another post. I got a 221 ml sample size about Php 266. The full size 768ml cost Php 699.

Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring Kit

I also get sample of Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring Kit and a 10% Discount Voucher. This is very timely to have since its already time for me to have some grooming. I would like to go to a salon to have it serviced but since I have this I might as well do it on my own, it’ll save me a lot of moola since the service cost around Php 700. The sugaring kit cost Php 350 for 350g.

Zen Zest Kitchen Fragrance in Choco Capuccino

Another new product that I get is Zen Zest Kitchen Fragrance in Choco Cappucino. This product promise to take away all those disgusting smell in your kitchen but for me I use it when I want my room or our living room to smell good. I really smells like choco cappucino. One of my pregnancy cravings is chocolate and I’m totally loving this product. I get a sample size of 50 ml about Php 80, after this sample I’ll get the full size which is Php 250 for 250 ml.

Paula's Choice Skincare Samples


I also get bonus products like 2 Paula’s Choice Skincare Samples which are the Slip into Silk Body Lotion which promises hydrate my skin with water-binding agents and plant and vitamin-based antioxidants and Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid that evens skin tone, reduces redness and builds collagen and unclogs and diminished enlarged pores.

Another bonus product is a Fabulosa Necklace. This necklace is so cute even my officemates notice it. It’s perfect for my everyday office outfits.

Fabulosa NecklaceFabulosa Necklace 

Glamourbox Secret Santa

Glamourbox Secret Santa

And this are contents my December Secret Santa Glamourbox. For a subscription fee of Php 595 I get to have all of this products costing Php 2,481 excluding bonus products. If you guys want to have more information or to subscribe to this and their upcoming boxes, please visit

So that’s it hope you enjoy my post and unboxing moment. This is for sure not the last unboxing post that I will do. I’ll also have reviews with the products that I got so watch out for it. Thanks everyone.



PS. This is not a sponsored post.


5 thoughts on “Secret Santa Glamourbox Unboxing

    • Thanks sis. I haven’t tried bdjbox yet I’m quite late with beauty boxes. Too bad the December and Jan-Feb box are all sold out. The next possible bdjbox that I can have is in March pa. So I have to subscribe and wait a little longer to experience it. I’ll try the saladbox first they say they have special edition Missha box right now.

      • Nope its another beauty box subscription company. They are one of the first in our country but I guess BDJ is the most popular among bloggers and MUE cause they regularly release boxes every month unlike Saladbox and Glamourbox.

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