Short introduction of the beauty mom

ImageHi everyone I know its very common to start a blog with a self introduction but I would still go on with this just so you may know a few background of me, the beauty mom, lols. Actually I’m not exceptionally good looking and I may look plain for some. I am also morena but I’m proud of my skin and I never felt like using any whitening soap just to alter it. I just enhance what God had given me with the use of makeup and other skin care products.

My blog is about scoring good finds while still sticking to our budget. I know I’m not really good in sticking up with my budget, I do splurge sometimes but you can only count with your hands. I always try to go around the metro just to find good quality stuffs and services that would make every cent that I earned get what it’s worth. And since I am a mom of a 7 years old girl and soon to be a mom of a baby boy (yes, I am actually expecting right now) and being newly wed with the father of my second child, I need to start saving for our future plans of having our own house and a business of our own.

So everyone please bare with me if I have flaws with my spelling and grammar. Hope this blog would help moms like me and even those who want to score some good finds that won’t hurt your wallets. Enjoy reading…








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