Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion 7-day challenge

I am a bit curios with my BDJ coupon from Jergens it says they give a free gift pack when you take the Jergens 7-day challenge. So I one time I’m in the supermarket I went to get one, honestly just so I can do the challenge and get my free gift pack. Well I’m glad I did because now I am also a believer with this lotion.

Jergens x BDJ

Jergens x BDJ

To tell you honestly I am not a fan of lotions. I am so lazy to slather thick smooth liquid all over my body hence I having dry skin. More likely I hate the sticky feeling after putting it.

Then comes Jergens. I never thought that Jergens has improved so much. It has lots off variants already which tackles different kinds of skin problems. My titas and titos abroad would always gave us Jergens lotion as pasalubong.

Since I am suffering with dry hands now from the super cold airconditioning of our office I tried this super handy pocket size variant of Jergens in Ultra healing and I am so hooked.

It just not give me smooth and moisturized hands its also smells so good but not too overpowering. It immediately made my dry hands super soft. I love that its not sticky even if I get out of the office for client visits. Other brands tend to be feel sticky at the end of the day. I am trying it now on my dry callused feet and its giving me the best results its making it super soft.

Definitely a staple now in my dresser and one of my favorites again.

After posting this review in Jergens facebook page. I get a message from them to get my shipping details and after 1 day I got my free gift set. But now more than the gift set I am so glad I found Jergens again.

The package

The package

Gift Set from Jergens

Gift Set from Jergens

Thanks BDJ and Jergens.

Have you used your BDJ coupons? Have you take the Jergens 7-day challenge? Shared it with us.



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