Have you tried S&R Cheeseburger?

Food blog alert! Lol! I am not an expert on this but I’ll try to give dignity on this.

Zark's Burger post

Zark’s Burger post

As of now I am on a strict low calorie, high fiber diet 😦 since I am getting obese from all my stress and over indulgence eating. But one fine day I am so craving for burgers after I saw the picture in Zark’s Burger Facebook page.

I can ‘t resist eating one and since as I have said I am on a strict diet I have to find a “healthier” alternative to satisfy my non cooperative tastebuds.

Presenting S&R CheeseBurger.

S&R Cheesburger

S&R Cheesburger


As we all know S&R is a membership shopping club wherein one of course needs to be a member to be able to shop on their humugous store. Aside from local and international products, groceries, appliances etc., they also have food services that New York style pizzas, calzones, churros, hotdogs and the likes.

Good thing they have opened a branch in Fairview Terraces wherein hungry man can order without being a member. I super love their pizzas, I am not really a fan of their chicken and I haven’t tried their other menus but we’ll get there.

And so since I cannot resist my burger craving I ordered this baby. I thought I would get just a decent size cheeseburger (you know the ones like in mcdonald’s) but I wasn’t prepared with the size of it. It’s a whopping 1/3 pound beef patty with decent LTC (lettuce, tomato and cucumber). Bye bye low calorie diet for a while hehehe. I am on a cheat instantly. So I grab my condiments which are mayo and onions and start divulging this awesome treat.

First the buns are so soft and the veggies are so fresh. And the patty oh my gosh it is so juicy just even thinking of it makes me drool. Its very flavorful, I dont even have to put lots of condiments.  I super love the combination of the ingredients.

Plus its very affordable just Php119.00 for alacarte and Php129.00 for the meal. Very very budget friendly and you get value for its worth.

I enjoy this meal so much and I will definitely go back again.

Have you tried it?



2 thoughts on “Have you tried S&R Cheeseburger?

    • In my estimate I think it would be more or less 500 calories if you eat it as it is without the condiments. Of course it can change depends on the condiments you put in it. Hope it helps 🙂

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